Mini Review: The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green

If like me, you have spent time with John Green’s fictional worlds, it would be hard to imagine a non-fiction writing from his mind. Fortunately, what this book gave us is probably one of his best works overall. And yes, I am considering the Green’s crazily vibrant Youtube channel too.

Unlike most books, this book is hard to describe. It is a story (more realistically, a review) of the time humans have spent on this planet. The author picks up seemingly random incidents and items from human lives and reviews the ways they have shaped humanity. Or, at least reflected humanity in a variety of ways.

The picture of Humanity painted in this book isn’t pretty but is real. It makes you notice even the smallest objects around you and wonder how they reflect the ever-changing and ever-harming world of humans.

Beyond that, “The Anthropocene Reviewed” also allows us to know John Green as a person. As my close friend would agree, “we know him as a writer but not as a human”. Knowing artists as their true selves sometimes ruins the image our mind has created.

I feel grateful that my experience wasn’t anything like that while understanding John Green. In some ways, this book brought me closer to him than I have ever been. My reviews stopped ending in “starred” ratings back in 2020. But if someone were to ask, I would give “The Anthropocene Reviewed” five stars.

Anyone who feels human, alone-as-a-human and wants to know John Green better should give it a try.



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